When I Was Up produced by Tellingbeatz

Verse 1:
But not you…you stayed there…forever treated me…with the same care /
What it felt to me…so rare…where I’d rather be…no-where /
We don’t choke…we find air…we get low…we climb stairs /
Had to find you…like a high flare…I’ll never die down…I swear /
It’s easy bein ‘round when I’m a Kennedy…meanin when I’m found, I’m a centerpiece /
In the moments where I’m losin my identity…I hear em goin like I’m soon to be an effigy /
Instead of ghostin like a specter or a banshee…you always had a potion you could hand me /
Weather any storm, personal or Sandy…we’re together like a Baggins n a Gamjee

Verse 2:
I knew the instant when I wouldn’t be alone…you didn’t have me at hello, but instead, let’s go /
Made me roll dice for chances, pass go’s…saved me when life, branded me an asshole /
Now I can sit here actin like I’ve been a victim…that’s like sendin fact n fiction in collisions /
He’s sarcastic, too guarded, didn’t listen, n that’s just when I was young…now it’s my tradition /
Cruisin through the rules life was movin too fast, my ego wrote checks that my body couldn’t cash /
N even with a laugh, you helped me find worth…when I seemed to be crass, you dealt with my quirks /
You’re like an artist with a genius in the mind…the primer on the surface, the silver in the lines /
You gave me courage…then you raised the curtains…now it’s up to me the masterpiece of your design

Verse 3:
Rise high to the moment n you’ll severe regrets…karma ain’t a btch, she just never forgets /
You hoped to be alone but she followed your steps, swore it was a stalker but it dawned on you next /
This long journey…often rocky…warm or cold…won’t let it stop me /
If you need me…you’re on the hot seat…you know you got me…mille grazie