Troublemaker produced by God Bless

Verse 1:

I started out innocent, smart, with a wicked grin, mischievous, sittin in the corner for some punishment /
For the fun of it I’d interrupt instructors n get run out of the subjects that my peers would often suffer in /
I’d discover that my mother wanted none of it, she put me in a time-out, but I’d still climb out /
Sneakin out of my house, meetin with the guys out, chillin on a school night, laughin at the rules, right? /
Right…it’s the story of a youth who grew as a rebel like Ledger’s posthum /
I developed all my views with spikes in my shoes and threats of a noose /
Now I’m so without a clue…escape to Mortal Kombat but I wouldn’t kill a dude /
Never would’ve smoked, but I bump Dre and Snoop, supposed to be a failure but I still made it through

So they call me troublemaker…they, want, me to be a ro-bot…I, could, be but I know not…so I’m just like, ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, HEY /
So they call me troublemaker…they, want, you to be a ro-bot…you, could, be but I know not…so laugh like, ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, HEY /

Verse 2:
Now I’m viewed as an executive, how’d he ever get ahead? It’s evident, that he never settled a prerequisite /
I betted that my virtues and my sentiments would let me in and send me up the ladder speakin through my pen /
It was eminent that some would try a sedative…so it meant he’d, have to be an M-C /
Push me, tempt me, be the next en-try, lyrics for my enemies, passion is my centerpiece /
Energy…I’m left to be the voice of the white collar world too scared to make noise /
Check the tools I employ, consciousness, and the underdog status I enjoy /
And I’m still lookin lost…scolded by my bosses for laughin on the job /
Told I was a bastard by the foes in my exhaust, emboldened by my actions, gotta win at any cost

Verse 3:
I thought I couldn’t live with this song n dance, I could end up as a loser and without a chance /
No woman in my future and no money in hand, but I found a better way to give a two week advance /
I’m singin n dancin now, I’m singin n dancin now /
How you like me now, I’m singin n dancin now, singin n dancin now