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Ahmen X The Mission Continues

Ahmen kicked off 2018 by joining The Mission Continues – one of the nation’s leading veteran’s services organizations – as the Northeast Executive Director. Learn more about The Mission Continues and Ahmen’s vision for the service movement: http://www.missioncontinuesblog.org/introducing-new-northeast-executive-director/


Ahmen Interviewed by ThisIs50

“I’m in a constant state of preparation. I pay attention to everything around me: the news headlines, the stories of success and struggles of the people around me, the random forms of inspiration that might come from everyday interactions. I pride myself in performing for and with people, not at them, which means that my performance needs to reflect the energy of myself, the people in the room, and the world as a whole.”

Read more of Ahmen’s interview with ThisIs50 on the eve of the release of TIMEOUT: http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/exclusive-interview-ahmen

Ahmen X IFC 2017

#ifc2017 starts with aplomb. Literally never seem a conference opening like it… -@RebeccaKCooney

Ahmen shook an international crowd of 1,000 in Amsterdam with performances and a talk that you’ll rarely find in conferences! His performances of OUR TIME and WE CHOOSE LOVE, plus a stirring call-to-act through “The Troublemaker Manifesto,” lifted changemakers from all corners of the globe. Watch his opening performance:

Ahmen X Lit Network

Ahmen rocked the mic to celebrate a group of women who truly embody the #Troublemaker spirit: The Women of Color LIT Network. They’re a movement of women leaders who are empowering women with the skills, support, and sense of purpose needed to shake the status quo. Dig into their #Troublemaker story: https://ahmen.us/dilim-dieke-dipabali-chowdhury/


Hear Ahmen’s performance and speech to the LIT Network on TIMEOUT: https://ahmen.us/ahmen-music/