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Ahmen X IFC 2017

#ifc2017 starts with aplomb. Literally never seem a conference opening like it… -@RebeccaKCooney

Ahmen shook an international crowd of 1,000 in Amsterdam with performances and a talk that you’ll rarely find in conferences! His performances of OUR TIME and WE CHOOSE LOVE, plus a stirring call-to-act through “The Troublemaker Manifesto,” lifted changemakers from all corners of the globe. Watch his opening performance:

Ahmen X Lit Network

Ahmen rocked the mic to celebrate a group of women who truly embody the #Troublemaker spirit: The Women of Color LIT Network. They’re a movement of women leaders who are empowering women with the skills, support, and sense of purpose needed to shake the status quo. Dig into their #Troublemaker story: https://ahmen.us/dilim-dieke-dipabali-chowdhury/


Hear Ahmen’s performance and speech to the LIT Network on TIMEOUT: https://ahmen.us/ahmen-music/