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Announcing The Eleven EP

“Sounds like Ahmen is ready to shake things up here in 2018! It was pretty obvious to me that it wouldn’t take long for this inspired emcee to return after listening to his last record Timeout from 2017…I mean, you just can’t sit around and let talent like this go to waste, you know what I’m saying? If I had half the skills Ahmen had I’d be making a lot more music as opposed to just writing about it, dude’s one of the most confident & professional entertainers you’ll find in the independent Hip-Hop scene.

And believe me when I say…he’s back & sounding bolder than ever on the five new cuts on The Eleven EP.”

Stream and buy the album today, and read more about what critics have to say about the new album!

Ahmen x World Economic Forum

Building a Movement

Social entrepreneur, Ahmen, shares his story with young people while rapping.

Posted by Global Shapers on Friday, August 31, 2018

Ahmen ignited over 400 changemakers from across the globe at the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Summit in Geneva. He shared his journey as a movement builder and catalyzed the crowd with an opening performance and the debut of “Define My Path” from The Eleven EP.

Ahmen interviewed by Authority Magazine

“Hip-hop was the only way I could satisfy that hunger. Music is a universal language, and no matter your background, the right lyrics, rhythms, and emotion can break through any barrier and turn your feelings into something real. So I went all in for hip-hop, and the “Batman of Social Impact” was born. Today, I’m the Executive Director of one of the nation’s largest veterans services organizations, and my music has reached people all across the world and served as a soundtrack for transformative change.”

Learn about Ahmen’s journey and his five lessons in the full interview: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/stars-that-make-a-difference-ahmen-a9fcb6b2aaf6

Ahmen x Stanford Social Innovation Review

The canvass is the planet, I could be the David

While Goliath is the giant, the source of all the pain n

I’m done with all the blamin, I name the chapter change

N dedicate remain ages to a brand of Troublemakin


Ahmen hit the stage at Frontiers of Social Innovation – presented by the Stanford Social Innovation Review – to open and close the event with rousing performances and deliver his keynote talk on “The Troublemaker Manifesto.” SSIR is one of the world’s authorities on the latest innovations in social impact, with countless gamechanging pieces that have influenced leaders like Ahmen throughout the years.

Ahmen x Synergos

What works? Trust works!

We choose what? Love!

That was the call-and-response that reverberated throughout the Grand Hyatt in NYC as Ahmen hosted and performed at Synergos Institute’s David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award dinner, their premiere fundraising gala. Ahmen helped Synergos to raise 40% more money than the prior year, fueling their impact in some of the most disenfranchised communities across the globe.

Check out Ahmen’s powerful performance of Interstellar:


TIMEOUT rocking the college radio charts

TIMEOUT hit the Top 20 on the North American College Radio Charts for nine weeks to start 2018! The hunger for #Troublemaker hip-hop is real, with listeners ranging from Vancouver, BC to Fargo, ND to Madison, WI to Charleston, SC.

Ahmen X Or Current Resident

What happens when people are treated like numbers? This is the key question that was addressed through an authentic, sobering take on gentrification by Or Current Resident, a new off-Broadway play by Squeaky Bicycle Productions. Ahmen spoke at the event during a talkback discussion on issues facing disenfranchised communities in NYC and beyond. Here’s what the producers had to say:

“Ahmen is such an engaging and dynamic speaker that we were lucky to have for our talkback event. Covering topics of tremendous social weight such as gentrification, diversity and feeling disenfranchised, his message was motivational, thought provoking and behavior changing. With his personal insights, he connected with the audience and gave them plenty of material to digest and reflect on. It is evident with Ahmen that you are dealing with someone who works from the heart. His genuine approach and personal interaction are things we could all emulate. A rare find.”

Learn more about Or Current Residenthttp://www.squeakybicycleproductions.com/2018/01/get-your-tickets-for-joan-bigwoods-or-current-resident-now-%F0%9F%98%83-%F0%9F%8E%87-%F0%9F%8E%89.html

Ahmen X The Mission Continues

Ahmen kicked off 2018 by joining The Mission Continues – one of the nation’s leading veteran’s services organizations – as the Northeast Executive Director. Learn more about The Mission Continues and Ahmen’s vision for the service movement: http://www.missioncontinuesblog.org/introducing-new-northeast-executive-director/


Announcing TIMEOUT

On November 11th, 2017, Ahmen released TIMEOUT, the definitive hip-hop soundtrack of our lives. It’s the music we’re hungry for: audacious, bold, optimistic, fired up, and catalytic.

Listen: https://ahmen.us/ahmen-music/



“‘Timeout’ is audacious, passionate, and powerful. It’s a hard job to seamlessly blend activism with entertainment, but with ‘Timeout’, Ahmen seems to have found a way. In his own words, Ahmen has said that ‘Timeout’ could be the ultimate catalyst for social change, and it’s very possible that if it got into the hands of the right person, he could be very, very right.” –Thomas Bedward, Broken 8 Records

“With the flow of a socially conscious Eminem, and the speaking ability of Common, Ahmen makes this album is a must listen. At the end of the album, if you are not asking yourself “Whose fire are you going to light?”, you need to go back and not only LISTEN to the album, but HEAR the album.” –Jamie Robinson, Mr. TBT

“Ahmen is that champion music so sorely needs right now…a confident voice, powerful inspiration and serious light of hope in what threatens to be an ever-darkening planet. Our world needs heroes like this, more now than it ever has before…I’m definitely stoked to hear Ahmen embracing the power of his words and passing the energy right on to the people – he’s created an insightfully brilliant, highly-relevant and important record with Timeout that advocates strongly for change and demonstrates the unity and strengths that exist between us all at every possible moment.” –Jason Vare, Sleeping Bag Studios

“Ahmen has an insightful perspective on many issues, and he is able to share his mindset through clever, direct and unapologetic lyrics. At times ironic and thought-provoking, while at times cathartic and personable, Ahmen really managed to create a very compelling release that reminds why I love hip-hop so much.” –Down Beatz