Samuel L Jackson produced by Diamond Style

1-2-3, in the place to be
I’m the c-h-o, i-c-e, I’m fresh…fresher than the dude that’s next to you

Verse 1:
Lookin at my Outlook it’s about that time, for me to send a final email, and get up out of work /
I’m roundin up all my guys…we’re gonna hit the city like a gang of headturners, what /
7 p.m. in the gym n Imma get my burn…it’s oh so deep, gotta make it hurt /
Grab a pair of shades, like I’m at a con-cert, squirt a little Cool-water on my Alfani shirt /
Six dudes in a Corolla, so ridiculous, bumpin to some money ain’t a thang, how sick it this /
Any spot, we’re indifferent, Bankers Club shots…wonder what to mix wit this /
Stumble out the vehicle in grey n white sneakers, we lost about an hour just tryin to find a meter /
I see the VIP, the home for the shot callers…but for all of us, the cover is ten dollars

Rent a limo all night, let it go…when I roll in Soho, let it blow… /
Mo is goin so YOLO, ladies all around me tryin to get me in their photo /
But I might be, photobombin…yo don-chu know, I’m mister Ahmen? /
When it comes to ballin, n relaxin, Imma good choice, I’m Samuel L Jackson

Verse 2:
Yea we lookin fresh so you know what’s next, but when the doors open, it’s a fkin sausage fest /
Now I’m textin, tryin to find a new deal…I put in effort tryin to work on blue steel /
Already spent the money just to get inside, so we’re headin to the bar just to get in line /
I’m feelin like some Nelly n a little Fiddy Cent, but the mthafkin DJ ain’t takin no requests /
Hold up, I see a lady by the bar…she’s winkin at me, I’m thinkin bout her /
With a bop I stroll up lookin like a rap star…open up my wallet like I got a black card /
But with just a checking card I got nothing to spend…and a club like this will make a 5 look like a ten /
So I leave her to the mob, they got somethin to win…n at 3 am we leave the club with nothin again

Man, I can’t believe those dudes were blockin me
I was gonna get her like, yo check this out right
Yo feet must be tired cause you been runnin through my mind all day