Our Time (Written by M. Sivaloganathan, J. John), produced by Diamond Style

Verse 1:
I’m starin at the pages, blank, hesitatin, pen shakin in my hand like damn, how to say this /
I’m manic n I’m waitin for a ray of inspiration, the words just hang, but soon I get to paintin /
The canvass is the planet, I can be the David, while Goliath is the giant, the source of all the pain n /
I’m done with all the blamin, I name the chapter change and dedicate remaining ages to a brand of Troublemakin /
…I was so frustrated…underestimated…fkin suffocated /
They thought that I was jaded, ranked, as a laymen, gotta prove I’m underrated, BANG, resuscitated /
This section is the thanks, haters get a footnote, po-tential in my window, you’re my motivation /
Till the records break n rich n poor are in equation, I’m pourin out my soul like whoa, yo I made it

It’s our time…and we made it, through all the hatred /
And oh…bring out the infantry, fight for the fight in me, we made up our mind /
And oh…better believe in us, standing victorious, it’s our time

Verse 2:
The harsh truth, time waits, for no man…life flyin by trudgin through a slow dance /
It’s a drama, but without the romance, till you reach the cliff n look down n there is no chance /
So before we go, geronimo, let’s step up in the capsule, knock up on the do’ /
Of the life, that, could’ve been, the life, that’s, gonna be, the heights of individuals re-writin all the goals /
I’m never old, I’m younger, I’m feelin bold I’m gonna, cut my teeth on dreams, so I can feed my hunger /
This is food for thought, I choose to be the hunter, my plunder is the punishment for suckers goin under /
I scribble in abundance, I love it, feelin drunken, somethin’s stirrin in my stomach it’s a fire from the thunder /
The prize is somethin bigger, published ain’t enough, runnin till the pencil’s blunted and the notebook erupts

Verse 3:
I put the pen down n realize…the man in the mirror is lookin back /
I see the venom within his eyes…even if the odds are feelin stacked /
N until he fades to the black, these pages are fact, I’m blazin the track /
Naysayers are made to collapse, I’m braver than the rest, if pressed I attack /
Life’s a mystery, blink it’s history, fight through misery, fly so wishfully /
Strive for inner peace, minds we win with these, write for sin release, light begins with me

It’s our time, you march with us /
It’s our time, you march with us /
It’s our time, you march with us /
The legends erupt, the legends erupt