Nicolas Warren

Tell us about the work you do.

I started a brand of active lifestyle nutrition products called Perfect Fuel. Clean, simple ingredients in a convenient product that give you the nutrition and boost you need when you’re on the go.

What issue inspired you to pursue your current path? Is this what you envisioned to do when you were younger?

I lead a very physically active lifestyle and started making a snack for myself that suited my lifestyle, just the way I liked it, with super dark and pure chocolate packed with ginseng and coffee. More and more people liked what I was making and wanted more so I wrapped a business model around it and created a brand the reflected the ethos of my invention. I didn’t dream of this specifically when I was young, but this does fit my M.O. of finding solutions to problems, and nutrition is a big one.

How did you get over your initial fears or barriers and take your first step?

I was inspired from early in the processes and I approached my fears with practicality. I would de-risk the concept, test the product, and improve on the product and strategy to go to market with minimal resources until jumping all in was a no-brainer. I measure 67 times before I cut.

They say you are what you eat. Sadly, over the past 10 years what we’ve eaten is processed, chemical-laden, and generally bland. Why is that?

Our massive population is difficult to feed, so I sympathize with much of the industry’s focus on efficiency, however the bland and preserved food we have is a result of shortsightedness and blindness to the complexity of the system that influences what we eat and what is made available to eat. It’s increasingly noticeable now because we’re more interconnected and we can see the pain and suffering of what was previously out of sight and mind.

What is the most common form of resistance you face, and how do you overcome it?

I believe the biggest resistance I faced was from competitive product companies that use more sugar. Sugar is a very recent devil that invaded the human diet and sharing the story of how beneficial truly nutritious food can be helped win over minds and bodies.

What keeps you going?

The people around me are who keep me going. My wife, my brother, and close friends. Without the love, accountability, and motivation from those that love me I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.

How can people support the work you’re doing?

Grab a friend, better yet two friends, and go on a run together.

I’m called the Batman of Social Impact. What would be your superhero name?

They call me the Chocothlete.