My Legacy produced by Scarecrow

Verse 1:
My brother had a baby in a late December night, I knew he’d be a star, I knew he’d take flight /
The support of like a million, gifts and presents to the ceilin, a handsome young man, he’s gonna make a killin /
Life is hard to deal with, so I teach resilience, feelins will get hurt, you’ll heal or get worse /
These are easy lessons for an uncle or a parent, it’s tougher to project the kinda Earth that you’ll inherit /
No denyin, we’ll follow the same things…environmental policy created in Beijing /
Oil rigs, get toppled by Arab springs…dissenters n leakers get knocked by drone stings /
Social networks, you’ll be popular in there…but without security, who’s really gonna share /
…Filters get placed on photographs, to cloud all the facts that this probably won’t last

Verse 2:
My parents came to this nation in pursuit of a dream…patience, dedication, the truths they believed /
America, the land of the free…the only place to create a better me /
Life was simpler, work hard, you get far…apathy, the only enemy /
Took advantage of the challenge they were handed so that I could go and have it better than they ever had it /
Livin lavish, established, they imagined, n never did expand it, for the people, gettin stranded /
Students down in Newark have a book with no answers, they look n get abandoned /
The crooks took the chances /
Disappear, vanish, mayors toast glasses at millionaire mansions, pockets get fattened /
As the gap gets bigger, did I make a difference and I wonder will my children suffer due to my decisions

Verse 3:
Our future’s been ruined by politicians…n yet I volunteered to try n move the system /
One billion dollars, spent to be the president…and really, do you know how they spendin it? /
30 seconds ads, aired to convince us, the lesser of the evils is best for our interests /
I hear the echo of the bottom…we’re a part of the problem /
I don’t know how to solve it…but if I find a mic, you know I’m gonna rock it /
It means I have a voice…silence is a choice /
…We came from the same tree…grown from prejudice, democracy, jealousy /
I breathe from the oxygen within the leaves, and till I go free, that’s my legacy