Krista Purnell

Tell us about the work you do.

So, where do I begin? I’m multi passionate and have a number of different avenues of work, but I can easily sum it up by saying I’m a leader, coach, and educator. That applies across the board. I’ve spent over 14 years in education and non-profit work. It’s deeply important to me that whatever I’m doing is impacting those who need it the most or who may not have a voice. I see it as my responsibility to empower and to provide access to students, families, teachers, partners, and staff.

Those same attributes apply in my personal ventures as well. Over the years, I’ve developed a lot of transferrable skills that I’ve been able to use in my “5-9” and to support my other passions, which include consulting, coaching, and managing my own business.

In my coaching work, while we aren’t talking about academic progress, we are talking about personal progress and growth. I take the same skills of asking thoughtful questions, creating systems for organization, and empowering individuals to reach their highest levels of potential. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients intentionally living their most fulfilled and gratified lives.

On the surface, my small business as a brand ambassador for a skincare line may not seem like it “fits.” However, it definitely does! Through my work with my customers, I’m able to help women and men look and feel their most confident by helping them approach the world putting their best face forward. Additionally, I am a team leader and have mentored other women in starting their own flourishing businesses. I guess you can say I’m in the business of confidence building! It’s also a great vehicle for giving back. As I continue to grow, I hope to give more and more to the organizations I’m passionate about.

What issue inspired you to pursue your current path? Is this what you envisioned to do when you were younger?

So not at all what I would have envisioned! As a young kid, I dreamed of being a doctor. Mostly because I was always academically inclined and that was what I was told “smart kids” became. That, or a lawyer. This is why I have loved the work I’ve done in encouraging students to think big and broadly. Learn more about a host of careers. It’s why with my coaching clients I encourage them to define their own success and happiness. You never know where that open mindness might lead you.

My current path has been an evolution. I started my skincare business at a time where I was feeling unfulfilled at work. I wanted to earn extra income, but also wanted to be a part of something more. It checked both of those boxes for me and has helped me grow personally and professionally. I do think it’s been integral in helping me refine my skills for my coaching practice, which started primarily due to a layoff. About a year ago, I was laid off from my full time job. I decided not to rush back to full time work and take the time to really rest, explore, and discover what I wanted most. And while I do plan to go back to full time work, it was during this time where I was able to identify how I can best make an impact and leverage my skills. I’m excited to pursue these paths and make the most of the opportunities and connections to advance all the good work happening!

How did you get over your initial fears or barriers and take your first step?

Hmmm. This is a good one! At some point, I realized that I would be madder at myself if I didn’t at least try. I went through the worst case scenarios in my mind and realized that none of them would break me. I have a great support system and knew that no matter what, I was still loved. I liken it jumping off the biplane. I sat there with a lot of fears for a while, but at some point realized if I didn’t just go, I’d regret it. So I closed my eyes and jumped! I think that is symbolic. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and just do it. Then open them and figure out the details once you get going!

In spite of enhancements in technology and increased access to knowledge, it feels like our society is still laden with stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Why is that?

This is huge! In some ways, technology has set us back. At the end of the day, what I love about humans and humanity is authentic relationships and conversations. Quality time. Engaging with other. Hearing each others’ stories. We are going at such a fast pace that we don’t stop to listen and really hear each other. There’s so much room for error and misunderstanding. All of that heightens anxiety levels. We also have lost our way with values and it seems to be on material things. Working hard to acquire more stuff vs. enjoying the people in our lives and the experiences of being together. And social media… as great as it can be for connecting, it also can easily cause anyone to focus on “the highlight reel” as compared to their day in and day out. As they say, comparison is the thief of joy and so how do we make space for compassion, empathy, progress, and personal success instead of comparison, perfectionism, and self-serving behavior.

What is the most common form of resistance you face, and how do you overcome it?

Self-resistance! The mind is powerful. I have to actively work to remind myself of what I have to offer and it’s value. I’m a work in progress so it gets easier and faster over time. In the recent days, I’ve found meditation to be helpful. Focusing on my intentions and mantras helps me center for each day. Beyond that, it’s apathy. Not everyone is interested in expanding beyond their comfort zones. It’s hard work. And can be painful and difficult, but worth it in the end.

What keeps you going?

The bigger picture. I firmly believe each of us has the power to change ourselves and change the world. One step at a time. One action at a time. Once conversation at a time. I won’t stop believing that and I want to do my part to ensure each person feels equipped to make a change. Also, knowing and working with other dedicated, committed, influential, and powerful leaders like you reminds me we are stronger together and we can make a difference.

How can people support the work you’re doing?

Engage with me online! I share a lot of content through my Monday Motivation videos on Facebook and on Instagram. I’m launching a website soon, too. Let’s keep the conversations going. This is how we connect and make authentic relationships and enhance our lives. If you’re interested in working with me 1:1 or attending an event or starting your own business, reach out and let’s talk.

I’m called the Batman of Social Impact. What would be your superhero name?

Oooh. I love this question. Just thinking of this in the moment so maybe Wonder Woman of Personal Development and Lifestyle Design. Something like that!