Interstellar (Written by M. Sivaloganathan), produced by Tellingbeatzz

Don’t, go…easy, into that, good night
Rage, rage…against, the dyin of, the light

Verse 1:
I wake up every night in a cold sweat…haunted by the dreams, in me /
Not by the Earth, as it turns it burns…I mean my destiny /
I used to reach so breathlessly…now we’re left so helplessly /
A place in the dirt, no legacy, even though we’re hurt I still believe /
N right when I lean to the mid-night…I find my release, in flight /
Rise from my knees, ex-cite…I’m the pilot with the keys, ig-nite /
Spent years, never readin signs…now I’m lookin high see the meanin in the skies /
I’m fightin for the future of the people in my life, but I leave it all behind, man I leave it all behind /
Why me, why now…no other woulda last the fight /
This home, this soul…I rose for the sacrifice /
Walkin out the door n I already know, that I will never go, back in time /
If I can’t change your mind…I’ll go alone to give you everlasting life /
…everlasting life…wouldn’t that be nice /
Even if I paid the price, would it make it right, if I gave you light /
I hear pain inside…I see hope in sight /
I leave all the plight, roll dice hold tight, re-writin all the future, countin down I’m interstellar now

Verse 2:
My world in the mirror…last chance…last dance with the livin, ad-vance /
Is this the present, or the past tense…no exit, as we enter into blackness /
Unknown…unknown…that thought keeps knockin on my conscience /
Been gone since…don’t know…I’m lost till, behold /
We close on our conquest…the chosen one’ll lead to progress /
N we follow, e-lope, on his promise…till his flaws make him hard-l-y the strongest /
Now it’s on my shoulders…it’s too hard, Imma fold…from the heart, to my toes… /
I could de-compose but I reach for hope, I feel heat below, the be-lief for those I left weepin so /
I un-leash…told that I reap what I sew so I bid farewell to the world that I knew and I speed to the hole /
Find peace, but I’m cold…light years appear, rear view, is clear, my fear is dreamin as a hero I went too far /
I shoot for new stars but the truth is hard…so hard…cause the more I speed through, the less I see you /
It’s like you’re close, I can feel you try…till I find a way to reach you /
I send memories, talk through centuries, that clock is how, countin down I’m interstellar now