Hands Down produced by Ear 2 Tha Beat

Verse 1:
I remember that I rapped about a gun once, said it in the mirror and it said you’re lookin dumb son /
Instead of killin lives, yo, I’d much rather touch one, even if it means my number ones are a sum none /
…Run, clones are on the rise…no Neo on the phone so join to stay alive /
No feeling in your soul so hold till they arrive…or peer into your goals, embolden, energize /
I admit I wasn’t always like a rebel…playin Sega Genesis to get to higher levels /
Bowser, not Biggie, was the way to be king, and the only bling I knew about was Sonic n his rings /
But somewhere on the way, I learned about this method I could use along with music, and I put it with a message /
…So now I feel invested…n like a Halo score, yo, I put it on a record

Everybody in the house keep your hands down, down, turn it up, matter fact, turn it down… /
I don’t wanna see your hands in the sky, unless you’re makin fists, now we can get high

Verse 2:
Fitted cap, baggy jeans, n a backpack…all this swagger got me runnin on the fast track /
Ain’t gonna be the loser that they laugh at, so I’m doin numbers on the way to a SAT class /
Yea everyday I’m hustlin…memorize the functions n the theorems I’m discoverin /
Kick game to a girl for the fk of it, just to be denied by the lies and the stutterin /
Not me, nah, I’m talkin bout them cause their minds are preconditioned to expect a kinda dude without a view and a clue or an ounce of the truth, they think that CNN is legitimate news /
Actin like a murder is the way to get juice…well Zimmerman, he did it…did that affect you /
On to the next one, till another school, gets shot up n you gotta chance to do somethin new

Verse 3:
Hands up for directors in the office…60 hour weeks so they can fill their pockets /
Keep em up for depression, disappointment…and the consequences of the office’s employment /
Turn it up for secretary needs…girls are gettin jobs who can barely even read /
And keep the music bumping if you didn’t intervene, for a girl who chose to walk away from following a dream /
Jump high for stayin out of trouble…mouth shut, ears shut, keep it in the bubble /
Stay high when laws are gettin passed, by lobbyists for keepin all the people on they ass /
So getcha champagne glasses…celebration btches, listen, masses /
Getcha champagne glasses…celebration btches, listen, masses