Four Eyes (Written by M. Sivaloganathan), produced by Taliband

What was blurred is now clear
I shed the burden of fear
And now I’m certain, I rise without peers
I rise
I rise

Verse 1:
Lights camera action…lightsaber mic, but the force is my aspir-ations /
I’m the amped up, patient of a mad, scientific anorexic who was starving for the an-swer /
Ahmen’s the reaction of a planet and a challenge to become a better standard of a leading type of character /
I ain’t no al-pha male…ah…I’m an al-pha predator /
No competitors ya nothin but degenerates, inception is the method through the sentiments I penetrate n devastate, any bet against me…don’t tempt me /
I’m on the light side, cause I fight for the kids…but I love the dark side, that’s the way that I spit /
But nah that ain’t spit, cause like stalactites…and this ain’t a flow, it’s a glacier, nice /
It means that I’m cold, I’m known to in-cite, the poems that I write, are insight into life

Call me four eyes…I came I saw I conquered, I terrorized
Yea it’s Mr. Four Eyes, I came I saw I conquered, I terrorized
Riiiiise…the darkest knight on the beat, better get out yo seats

Verse 2:
Outlier, anomaly prodigy, I ain’t on the charts, but I was tested by Myers, /
Briggs said I’m F I R E, that’s fire, my smarts are from science assignments, Descartes cause my mind’s ignited /
Now I’m inspired to strive defiant, ain’t tamed by elites /
I’m destroy the bell curve like you guys are the flatline…and I’m viewed, as the heartbeat /
Squeeze on the streets, like I’m boa constrictin…no joke I drop bombs, you’re imposin conditions /
I ain’t beholden to mitches, I’m opposed to the richest, this is more than sedition, rally call for the children /
These are rites of passage, you can write me off, or when I’m gone…like a Wright Brother takin flight in song /
Write about me as I wander on, nice on every beat that you spot me on, might be the leader or the rock for all, I’m righteous, priceless, rise of the titan, fiesty on the mic cause I’m righting…every wrong

Verse 3:
I believe in bein true, believe in bein you, bleed the blue n white, no lyin I’m the truth /
I’m a different type of lion, didn’t get it, get a clue, you need more than just a rifle if you’re steppin in my zoo /
Who’s really endangered…I don’t wanna be cornered but this chip on my shoulder, it constantly smolders /
I feel the power course through my veins, to the core, it bores into my soul and soars through my pores /
They say that we made it, got a white picket fence…black n white picket lines, nah we on the de-fense /
If the gap’s gettin bigger, then we’ll never re-lent…you’ll always get my 100, I won’t leave no re-gret /
If we come to contact in a concert n you’re rockin with the concept we can converse on the topic get to marchin /
If you’re lost n in the converse only option is to call it, give you confidence till we’re speakin from the same conscience