Echoes (Written by M. Sivaloganathan), produced by Tellingbeatzz

Verse 1:
Another brother lost…twilight, for another in the war…use of force is a norm, where to find rights, n we might fight, then we might write life off, like this mother’s first born /
Tears pour in the street, she’s holdin his hand, soul dance to the beat of the poor n the beast, no control now we’re formin, mournin is the norm like the morning /
The warning is the po on their feet…undercover cruiser foreign to me…mothafkas never known no defeat, they won’t understand till we stand n unleash, I’m fannin’ the heat /
Let the flame rise…Martin Malcolm, we on the same side…how come, every outcome, n the headline is a flat line of a black life and we manage to be, the standard, of an enemy /
Portrayed as the weak, couldn’t get a job so we breakin the laws n we aim for police, but is it really fair when I’m scared and I’m starin at the mirror of deceased /
I’m done with havin hands up…now I’m sayin fk yo mirandas /
I’m roundin up my brothers n we’re loadin up our weapons, ain’t a protest it’s a swellin of the ghosts within our heads n all our foes’ll soon discover what it’s like to be a peasant, ain’t alone I got a million it’s our moment Imma stand up

No tears for what was done to me, fear has come to be, hell looks up to me, this is up to me it’s up to me /
To bring demise, to the echoes…I close my eyes, let go…hear cries in the echoes…it’s violence, let’s go

Verse 2:
Another kid shot…I see him bleeding in the spotlight…heart beating…nah, it’s fleeing /
Leaving chalk lines now the plot line thickens, sort of like the clot in my vision /
In hindsight did I need to fire right, in his eyes, I was blinded…I’m a cop but I’m wishin /
I was not in po-si-tions, of authority, they will never listen, priority safety they hate me try to make me as a scapegoat, act straight while they’re rapin their women /
Black on black crime, war of attrition…flashin gang signs, deserve to be in prisons /
I was furnished with a pistol not for murder but for wisdom, I wished he would listen instead I just killed him n the media they buy it, some try me for violence others hype me as the highness /
10 gallon hat in the wild west…captain said that I’m the fi-nest /
But the people said that I’m lyin, I guess I’ll be the line n, strap a vest on, I’m risin defiant, wonder where I went wrong, was it when I learned that my work is a burden, serve n protect…why try to be a savior when the only thing certain is death

Verse 3:
Another one gone…we’re better off with one less thug /
Another one gone…only one way to win, so come on let’s love /
How do we stop this…let em kill each other for their wallets /
How do we stop this…is it jobs n options or shots n nonsense /
Everybody gotta answer for the problem…like there’s a silver bullet to solve it /
From minutes to hours, beginnings to darkness, till the quantum of solace, is gone and we’re haunted by despair all upon us, n the songs n the psalms, won’t answer they taunt us, cause we’re losin regardless, no promise from god as he watches the talkers n the cops n the marchers n he’s ponderin, my, how have we fallen