Does Activism Work?

“The right song, movie, poem, painting, etc. can spark someone to discover their voice and commit to action. And when those actions occur – like participating in a rally, calling a representative, or signing a petition – we give courage to other people who were waiting on the sidelines, voiceless and apprehensive.”

Ahmen shared his perspective on the power of the arts to fuel activism in this article by “Frank” from the University of Florida. Check out his thoughts along with the views of four other changemakers in the world of activism:

Ahmen in the Huffington Post: Winning the Election Doesn’t Mean You Won the Country

“We want – and deserve – representatives. Our politics should represent the will of the people. No idea or policy can sufficiently satisfy everyone, but we should expect consideration of everyone.”


Read Ahmen’s article in the Huffington Post:

Ahmen in the Huffington Post: Let’s Do Better Than Equality

“Where I work, a day with a woman has a family service worker helping an immigrant to learn English. A day with a woman has a youth specialist helping a teen to land their first job. A day with a woman is a day of celebration in a school where children present original works of music and dance to promote social justice. A day with a woman is a day of peace in a community that suffered from gun violence for generations.”

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Ahmen in BESOMEBODY.COM: Which Side of History Will You Be On

“All of us will debate policy for days and years to come. We’ll continue to dissect the 2016 election and wonder, “what the **** just happened?” We’ll discover new politicians to support — and even more to antagonize.

But none of those challenges will be as important as this one: how will you treat people who disagree with you?”

Read Ahmen’s article on, which became one of the site’s most read articles in history:

Ahmen in the Huffington Post: The Skinny Kid With a Funny Name

“Barack, we go back. Way before either one of us even realized it.

“Be yourself,” that’s the mantra. But for most of my life, I haven’t known who I am. I lived in five states and two countries before I was 18. When I went to elementary school in Atlanta, I was frequently teased for my dark skin. As I was learning about the Civil Rights Movement in social studies class, I was told that I’m somehow lesser than everyone else. When I moved to Washington State, I heard insults of all kinds about my South Asian descent – in classrooms, malls, and auditoriums. When I arrived in India to finish high school, I was outcasted for being too “black” or too American because I listened to hip-hop and wore baggy jeans with a backwards hat.”

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Ahmen in the Huffington Post: We Need to Send More Leaders to Prison

“As I walked out of the gates of the medium security California City Federal Correctional Facility as a free man, I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to go back.” My psyche was permanently changed by the experience. But I wasn’t serving time – I was serving as a volunteer.”

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Ahmen in SwurvRadio: Is it Enough to Win a Championship?

“Amidst a constellation of transcendent athletes who set records and collect championships, Muhammad Ali was the brightest of stars. In a moment where we pay respect to Ali’s legacy, we have to realize the greatest truth of the light he shed on us: Ali’s impact outside of the ring was even greater than his impact inside the ring.”

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Ahmen in Triple Pundit: The Big Idea for 2016

“In evaluating the 2016 presidential candidates – recognizing that one of them will be tasked with the same challenge that confronted our group – we realized that a major idea was notably absent from their rhetoric and campaign promises. It’s an idea that inspires, connects and lifts all of us. It’s the idea that propels our greatest movements and established America as the world’s greatest beacon of hope:”

Check out Ahmen’s blog post in Triple Pundit about the Big Idea for 2016: