Ahmen interviewed by Authority Magazine

“Hip-hop was the only way I could satisfy that hunger. Music is a universal language, and no matter your background, the right lyrics, rhythms, and emotion can break through any barrier and turn your feelings into something real. So I went all in for hip-hop, and the “Batman of Social Impact” was born. Today, I’m the Executive Director of one of the nation’s largest veterans services organizations, and my music has reached people all across the world and served as a soundtrack for transformative change.”

Learn about Ahmen’s journey and his five lessons in the full interview: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/stars-that-make-a-difference-ahmen-a9fcb6b2aaf6

Ahmen Interviewed by ThisIs50

“I’m in a constant state of preparation. I pay attention to everything around me: the news headlines, the stories of success and struggles of the people around me, the random forms of inspiration that might come from everyday interactions. I pride myself in performing for and with people, not at them, which means that my performance needs to reflect the energy of myself, the people in the room, and the world as a whole.”

Read more of Ahmen’s interview with ThisIs50 on the eve of the release of TIMEOUT: http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/exclusive-interview-ahmen

Ahmen Interviewed by Changeville

“This week on the Changeville podcast, we’re talking with activist, nonprofit leader and rapper, Ahmen.

Ahmen is a New York-based MC who uses his platform to inspire, impact and engage. He’s been identified as a rising star by New York Nonprofit Media, being named one of their 2015 40 Under 40. If you attended the frank gathering in Gainesville in 2016, you’ll surely remember his talk The Troublemaker Imperative:

Listen to learn more about the work that Ahmen is doing to change the world, how he balances a life in hip-hop with a life in nonprofit development, as well as how you can be a Troublemaker in the best way.”

Ahmen Interviewed by Mr. Throwback Thursday

“When you get to meet someone and interview them…..and they make such an impression that you name the entire episode after them? That’s saying something. When that person is a “new school” artist…that’s even a bigger deal. This Throwback Thursday, we introduce you to Ahmen. You’re welcome.”

Check out the full interview, starting at 0:59:


Ahmen Interviewed by ESHE Magazine

“Hip Hop Artist and Activist Ahmen has used the world as his platform to evoke change and bring awareness to all of the ills present in today’s society. Ahmen’s new single “Our Time” talks to the listener about not only what’s going on, but the song also serves as an inspiration to the listener. “Our Time” means it our time to make a difference, make a change and do it with expectancy. The video makes the old cliche “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words” visible to the viewer.”

Check out the interview:


Interview With Definition of Fresh


What made you decide to become a rapper?

Hip-hop has always been a constant voice in my life, from helping me through tough times to giving me the power to express my emotions and beliefs. It’s ingrained in my life, and it doesn’t just show up when I’m on the stage or in the booth. Even in my day job as a nonprofit leader, my swagger and perspective comes from hip-hop in many ways. Several years ago, I came the point where I realized that, if I put in the work, I could become truly great as an MC. That’s where I grasped control of my voice and the sound, and now we’re on an amazing journey.”



“New Jersey-based rapper Ahmen presents “Headphones”, the Hollywood Legend-produced single from Hero Ball, his debut album featuring production from Taliband, Hollywood Legend, Diamond Style, Trill, Scarecrow and Ear 2 Tha Beat. The son of Sri Lankan immigrants, Ahmen was born in Minneapolis and raised in Queens, Alaska, Atlanta, Washington, and India. Raplyzer.com, a site centered around an algorithmic program that gauges the average length of a rap or hip-hop star’s multi-syllable rhymes (the key to the “dopest flows,” Flocabulary says) has ranked Ahmen #3 in the world, just behind the Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck in the top slot…”

Interview With BRBRCK.COM


“I met Ahmen at a set at Ella Lounge a while back, and there was an immediate mutual respect between the two of us. Since that time, my man A’s been on a TEAR promoting his most excellent Hero Ball LP by rocking venues all over New York and New Jersey, and I’ve had the honor to step in and perform our debut collaboration track, Kaiju on a number of occasions. The big homey sits down to get deep on songwriting, and sends up a call-to-action for all you musical souls out there…”