Ahmen x Centre for Social Innovation

“I couldn’t run away from my anger and frustration. I needed to embrace frustration. I needed frustration to fuel me.”

Ahmen headlined an event for Fordham University’s International MBA program at the Centre for Social Innovation. His talk and performance ignited the business-minded crowd to jump into the realm of social innovation and channel their talents toward positive change. Learn more about CSI, a community and launchpad for people who are changing the world: http://nyc.socialinnovation.org/

Ahmen X Social Changemakers 2017

“All of us will reach walls in our lives. The question is what will break first: our will or the wall?”

Ahmen headlined Fordham’s Social Changemakers conference, an event that convened dynamic change agents from social services and social entrepreneurship working to alleviate poverty in New York City. He delivered two talks and performances to catalyze the crowd and debuted the performance video for “Breaking Point.” Learn more about Social Changemakers 2017: https://fordhamsocialinnovation.splashthat.com/

Ahmen X NYU Social Innovation Symposium 2017

@iamahmen is pumping us up over here. “It’s our time, come march with us.” Fired up, ready to go. #IScon16 #NGENIS -@vmford

Ahmen delivered an earth-shaking wake up call for students, nonprofit leaders, and corporate executives at the NYU Social Innovation Symposium. The event is geared to inspire the businesses of tomorrow, and Ahmen’s talk and performance – also dubbed as “10 minutes to change the world” – was received with hearts racing and hands in the sky. Learn more about NYU SIS 2017: http://www.nyusis.org/


Ahmen is an ambassador for #besomebody, the world’s fastest growing grassroots motivational movement. Through his talks and performances, he’s helped #besomebody to spark millions of people to go all in on their passion.

#besomebody 1elevens are local events where speakers have one minute and 11 seconds to share anything they are passionate about. In this 1eleven, hosted in New York City, Ahmen attacks the breaking point of sharing love, positivity and change, no matter who is in the way.

Ahmen X New Frontiers 2016

@iamahmen is pumping us up over here. “It’s our time, come march with us.” Fired up, ready to go. #IScon16 #NGENIS -@vmford

Ahmen reinvigorated a crowd of changemakers who were shaken by the election at New Frontiers 2016, the meeting ground for leaders and changemakers looking to drive momentum for the charitable community, set the sector’s agenda for the coming year, and collaborate on strategies for success. He delivered a groundbreaking talk and performance to open the NGEN Experience, an exclusive event for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders ages 40 and under. Learn more about the event: http://www.newfrontiers2016.org/

Ahmen X Penn State

Really would like to thank @iamahmen for giving hope and motivation and sharing his passion with us today. SUCH a cool human!!! #Soc119 -@Jiggy_Yoon

Ahmen returned to his alma mater – Penn State – to inspire the next generation of Troublemakers. He hit the stage at SOC 119, the nation’s largest race relations class, and followed up by speaking with the World in Conversation Project, a revolutionary initiative to facilitate dialogues across cultures. Learn more about WiC: http://worldinconversation.org/

Ahmen x Defy Ventures

Ahmen visited the California City Federal Correctional Facility as an ambassador for Defy Ventures, an innovative nonprofit that is revolutionizing the justice system. After two electrifying prisons and a day of connecting with the “Entrepreneurs in Training,” one of the EITs wrote the message above for Ahmen.

Click to read about Ahmen’s experience in prison – Huffington Post.

Ahmen X Truth Initiative | June 10th

Ahmen will be rocking the mic as a performer and speaker at the third annual National Summit on Youth Activism, held by the Truth Initiative. It’s a one-of-a-kind convening of youth activists from all corners of the country. This generation will accept nothing less than a revolution!

Ahmen Ignites the Crowd at Frank 2016

Ahmen’s role as the Batman of Social Impact was in full force at frank, one of the nation’s premiere conferences for social change. Check out his renowned talk, “The Troublemaker Imperative”:

To learn more about frank and see highlights of the #Troublemaker in Chief as a nonprofit leader and groundbreaking hip-hop artist, check out this video: