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The New CEO of Students for Education Reform

I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead an audacious and inspiring force of students who are channeling their experiences and voices toward revolutionary change in their schools and communities. As the son of immigrant parents who saved every nickel and dime they had so I could have a better life, I understand the transformative impact a high quality education can have on a child’s life trajectory. We know that the American Dream increasingly feels like a fleeting possibility for too many people, so it’s time to amplify the voices of students who are the authentic messengers of the change we desire.


Announcing The Eleven EP

“Sounds like Ahmen is ready to shake things up here in 2018! It was pretty obvious to me that it wouldn’t take long for this inspired emcee to return after listening to his last record Timeout from 2017…I mean, you just can’t sit around and let talent like this go to waste, you know what I’m saying? If I had half the skills Ahmen had I’d be making a lot more music as opposed to just writing about it, dude’s one of the most confident & professional entertainers you’ll find in the independent Hip-Hop scene.

And believe me when I say…he’s back & sounding bolder than ever on the five new cuts on The Eleven EP.”

Stream and buy the album today, and read more about what critics have to say about the new album!

TIMEOUT rocking the college radio charts

TIMEOUT hit the Top 20 on the North American College Radio Charts for nine weeks to start 2018! The hunger for #Troublemaker hip-hop is real, with listeners ranging from Vancouver, BC to Fargo, ND to Madison, WI to Charleston, SC.

Announcing TIMEOUT

On November 11th, 2017, Ahmen released TIMEOUT, the definitive hip-hop soundtrack of our lives. It’s the music we’re hungry for: audacious, bold, optimistic, fired up, and catalytic.

Listen: https://ahmen.us/ahmen-music/



“‘Timeout’ is audacious, passionate, and powerful. It’s a hard job to seamlessly blend activism with entertainment, but with ‘Timeout’, Ahmen seems to have found a way. In his own words, Ahmen has said that ‘Timeout’ could be the ultimate catalyst for social change, and it’s very possible that if it got into the hands of the right person, he could be very, very right.” –Thomas Bedward, Broken 8 Records

“With the flow of a socially conscious Eminem, and the speaking ability of Common, Ahmen makes this album is a must listen. At the end of the album, if you are not asking yourself “Whose fire are you going to light?”, you need to go back and not only LISTEN to the album, but HEAR the album.” –Jamie Robinson, Mr. TBT

“Ahmen is that champion music so sorely needs right now…a confident voice, powerful inspiration and serious light of hope in what threatens to be an ever-darkening planet. Our world needs heroes like this, more now than it ever has before…I’m definitely stoked to hear Ahmen embracing the power of his words and passing the energy right on to the people – he’s created an insightfully brilliant, highly-relevant and important record with Timeout that advocates strongly for change and demonstrates the unity and strengths that exist between us all at every possible moment.” –Jason Vare, Sleeping Bag Studios

“Ahmen has an insightful perspective on many issues, and he is able to share his mindset through clever, direct and unapologetic lyrics. At times ironic and thought-provoking, while at times cathartic and personable, Ahmen really managed to create a very compelling release that reminds why I love hip-hop so much.” –Down Beatz


We Choose Love

Dig deep and find the ember inside of you – and ignite it with LOVE. Ahmen presents WE CHOOSE LOVE ft. Janani Saara, the second single from his upcoming album “If not now then when”, releasing on August 16th. The video was premiered on HipHopDX, the world’s largest hip-hop site. Watch the video and choose love!

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Our Time

It’s OUR TIME. Don’t miss the lead video from Ahmen’s new album “If not now then when.” This is the inspiration we need, and it’s setting the web on fire!

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Ahmen Launches His First Kickstarter Campaign

Music and art inspire us. They can move us to tears. They should move us to action. This is Troublemaker hip-hop.

Contribute today and make your imprint on the future of music!

I am a #Troublemaker

Troublemaker [truhb-uh l-mey-ker]

A leader who shakes up the system by introducing alternative views, an unstoppable fire, and innovative change. Also referred to as a revolutionary or a pain in the _____.

The future isn’t shaped by the followers: the people who simply listen to rules and leave their potential on the sidelines because society says so. The future is shaped by the visionaries: the people who open the shut doors and get to work when the lights are off.

The future will by shaped by the Troublemakers.

I’m excited to announce the world premiere of my music video for Troublemaker. This is the beginning of a movement – we are going to shake up the system by connecting with and inspiring the countless people who are introducing bold ideas into the world. Let’s cause some Trouble.