Breaking Point (Written by M. Sivaloganathan, F. Nageon de Lestang, A. Colverson), produced by Allrounda, violins by F. Nageon de Lestang, A. Colverson

Verse 1:
I’m the strongest alive…the status of a gladiator, last standin man…ain’t a failure, challenge slayer /
Are you not entertained…and you said what doesn’t kill me makes me greater, attain /
The highest levels as a legend escalated through pain…but if I’m destined for fame, why’s it feel like zero seconds remain /
When I’m starin out to space, lonely on the stage, is my hope my only weapon or do I fold to second guessin /
I’ve been rippin these records for half of my life, rockin nonprofits for a third of my life,
Speakin so honest e’ry moment I get…runnin through walls, I’m soaked in sweat /
Rejected is the norm for e’ry one of those steps, n the hurt’ll hold me down on e’ry one of those steps…could turn to descend but I asked for this burden so I burn, to go again /
Hear cracks, n it happens…we make grads outta poor kids…make fans, witta onus… use votes as a plan to, say demands, so a girl could match a man… /
Any way, we the chosen…shake hands n we broke it, crash down stand tall n advance to…impact

Runnin, into the wall /
Will you break through, or will you fall /
Runnin, into the wall /
Will you break through, or will you fall

Verse 2:
Will is nineteen and he’s supposed to be a stat…but not the kind you find engraved on a plaque /
But rather, the kind emblazoned on a rap sheet…he’s at the point of nearly breakin if you ask me /
….Walls and roof…meant to feel safe but his mom was an addict so the walls were a cage /
The roof is the school and the odds and the state, of his mind, when his mom, lost her life before he hit the eighth grade /
…is it too late to be saved…a teenage drug dealer tryina find a place to sleep /
Till a foster parent says Will I understand, you been abandoned all your life, man, you never had a chance /
So he starts to attend every single workshop, tryna leave the block, n even getta job,
N just when you think that he’s gettin caught up, he takes a step back, when he relapses /
…Thought he was past this, taking these classes, a future in tech, was ‘posed to be his passion, will he outlast this, finally turn the corner or ask what happened

Verse 3:
Sheena, bully…Sheena, brawler…yesterday, broken…tomorrow, hopeless /
A lost cause adolescent, long shot, never mentioned, pops walked off, never des-tined, for any blessin /
What’s the lesson, without a teacher…what’s the point of effort if you’re outta luck /
On a path to juvie…on a path to upstate…it’s what you’d call an upgrade, but then it happened, just wait /
She discovered the power of music…she found her voice n she used it…proud of the fusion of story and melody, n the phantom feelin of improvement /
Sheena was a diva even better, was a leader, speakin to her peers re-vived as a dreamer, feelin alive, for the first time, wonderin why, she’s gotta go back /
Back to the place where her gang turned their backs on her…back to the place where support is on the backburner… /
Miles away from the coaches n friends…back to the place, where it all started, home is where the heart is, is she gone make it, or will it end