And One produced by Tellingbeatz

Verse 1:
This is multiple incision rap, I’m tryin to make you listen to the boom, the bap, the snap, att-ack the lyrics with a mas-tery, en-act, com-bat, we need an ex-or-cism, the tracks are whack, in fact /
Stillmatic, the last I blasted back…n since I practiced to the max, I passed the class /
The plaque, is written for a bastard, asshole, in a prison, so I’m givin discipline, for your fkin indecision, slap /
I flow wicked, supposedly forbidden…they hoped that I would be a fkin failure (they lost), yea no kiddin /
I was chosen to open n spark a vision, democracy is the target, the mockery is the system /
They shot at me so I’m pissin on all the btches, apologies, and solace, for the policies written /
Cause the minute they were written they were stuntin all the children, with a gap that’s ever risen, silver spooners had it given, that’s the fuel for my ambition /
…Conceited cause I feel that I’m a leader…heated cause it’s hard to find believers /
…Feelin like a second grade teacher made to hate it cause her little pay just keeps on gettin ether’d /
Till the war is conceded, playin field is even, Imma be the chief, you could be the ce-ment /
Fools’ll keep it seated while I’m pledgin my allegiance, the people, united, will never be defeated

And one…80s baby with a hoodie on the streets
And one…see I’m goin crazy, tryin to find peace
And one…I see you getting lazy so I gotta run it back
Run it back…run it back…run it…fk it

Verse 2:
I spit it how I see it, through hearin speakin n readin, I gotta hunger so I feed it, n realness is how I keep it /
Saw a hurdle n I leaped it, no burden to be competin, said I’d have to bite the bullet but I turned it n released it /
Now you’re duckin from the weapon should’ve listened to the legend up in heaven when he said that you should beat it /
The scene stealer, stages are the pages of my epic energetic take on how to be the greatest /
Made the flow ride, I don’t need a dentist, the novacaine’s a necessary dopa-mine /
Senses are dependent on agreements that made me into a menace, the lobbyists they begin it, they end it, n then they win it /
No forgiveness, your soul is old n getting finished, hung you by the throat, n hold you in submission /
Riggin the election, chillin with the Clintons, they own America btch, you nothin but a tenant /
Revolution, a solution not…start it n you circle in a spot, then the movin stopped /
Ha…that’s a foolish thought, like the news’ subterfuge’ll break n give you somethin new to watch /
Heroes and leaders are gonna fall…even the accomplices and anybody involved /
…Wonder if the children will evolve and make reality the liberty n justice…for all