Ain’t From Around Here (Written by M. Sivaloganathan, M. Berberich), produced by 2Deep

Verse 1 (BRBRCK):
Nowadays, rappers be like…here’s a list of luxury items I know about /
I ain’t got a story to tell, I’m just gon’ throw ’em out /
Murcielago, Gucci boat shoes, Fendi, Nobu, Jacob’s, no clue /
It’s the B with the backwards cap, about to give a master class in rap /
Cuz hip hop look like a disaster map, like a disaster hit, I’m bumping top 10 lists like a masochist, like, who asked for this? /
Yeah we get it: don’t fuck with you, cuz you got a crew who’ll lick shots if we fuck with you /
Dude I was just standing here, nobody gon’ fuck with you, and why you always rhyme the same words? What the fuck’s with you? /
Sorry but we ain’t from around here, just two out-of-towners that came to get down, yeah /
Two MCs with the same dream, changed lanes to get here, paddle out of the mainstream /
Battle out of preconceived notions tryin’ to contain me, I am not a subgenre, quit tryin’ to name me /
I am not a club goer, so don’t invite me…okay, invite me, but my attendance isn’t likely /
I’m not a scene kid, I’m not a trap king, I don’t ball hard, I like rapping /
I like hooking a beat up, kicking my feet up on the seat and dreaming up a new way to tell you what’s happening /
On my block, my hood, my borough…mythical rapping honkey from Brooklyn, thorough

Yo lemme get those rules right quick…why…so I can show em how we do-in this /
Convey our regards to the current top 10, displaced by the rebels BRBRCK n Ahmen /
We ain’t from around here…no peers, no fear /
We ain’t from around here…cheers, this is our year

Verse 2:
Uh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, there goes the neighborhood, become the greatest livin rapper, they would never say I could /
How’s he ‘pposed to be a rapper, lookin like a scientist, I made this in my arc reactor, take a sip, I insist /
Need a hint, make a list, of the artists walkin through the halls of stardom or the bottom so defiant, never fallen, but they’re risin with the knowledge of a giant in the silence of your likes, a midas type of mic for the rhymes that I write /
Oh, the sorting hat was silent, I’m floatin through song, somethin like a virus /
Or I’m Obi Won, Kenobi in a crisis, when I’m long gone hope to find me in your likeness /
In this moment though…you ain’t in my class, passin notes in the back bout the latest rap battle /
But it never mattered, I gotta different type of foe n it’s called the status quo you fools are nothin but a okey doke /
Nope…you ain’t even worth a rope a dope, broke you at the open with a flow you never heard befo’ /
Burden of a leader, furnished with a goal, to change the world through my vocal, surgical with this btch though /
Whoa…I’m off the charts…no liter-ally, I’m off the charts… /
Temporary situation…I know I ain’t ya average artist, now I’m on the marks /
Get ready, go…now I’m on you marks, gonna see a revolution ‘fore I call it off /
I remember when I started off, defined…as a nine to fiver mired in the cycle of the grind /
Now they all like, of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, why’d this motherfker walk up into mine /
See the trap of makin bullsht for the masses but ya’d rather bump to somethin with some meanin for ya life /
Too much on the line, to play, the game, safe, I ain’t more of the same, I’m here, to change, pace /
People in the middle, you need, to make haste, or get caught up in the waves, when, the main, breaks /
When my enemies are snorin is when, I lay, wake, thinkin who I’m gonna save and who I’m gonna lay waste /
Enter troublemakers you need, to make, way, for mister, ha, ha ha ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha, HEY