Ahmen in the Huffington Post: The Skinny Kid With a Funny Name

“Barack, we go back. Way before either one of us even realized it.

“Be yourself,” that’s the mantra. But for most of my life, I haven’t known who I am. I lived in five states and two countries before I was 18. When I went to elementary school in Atlanta, I was frequently teased for my dark skin. As I was learning about the Civil Rights Movement in social studies class, I was told that I’m somehow lesser than everyone else. When I moved to Washington State, I heard insults of all kinds about my South Asian descent – in classrooms, malls, and auditoriums. When I arrived in India to finish high school, I was outcasted for being too “black” or too American because I listened to hip-hop and wore baggy jeans with a backwards hat.”

Read Ahmen’s article in the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/587efaaee4b0474ad4874eeb